advancing women's health from hawaii to guam

Patient Waitlist Closing after 5/29/18 Until Further Notice

After thorough evaluation of the current patient load and the amount of time needed to provide optimal care to my established patients and personal time with family, I have decided to close off the waitlist starting after today until such a time I am able to allocate more appointments.  If you would like to be an established patient, today is the last day that I will accept new patients / transfer patients from our waiting list.  Thank you for your understanding and I will continue to inform you of any openings in the near future.​

​Announced May 28, 2018


Meet your future Dr.Shieh's Clinic. Thank you for all your support over the last 21+ wonder years. I will continue to advance women's health from Hawaii to Guam for many more years to come. Mahalo to all my patients & friends. 

​Announced May 24, 2018